Relish the heavy & the power that is

Warrior Within


Warrior Within sound is a mix of Thrash Metal, NWBHM & Crossover.

  • Warrior Within sound like Early Sepultura, Slayer, DRI & Iron Maiden

  • The Warrior Within sound is a critical mass of punishing riffs, potent vocals & prominent melodies

  • Social, political, historical & esoteric - if its about life our lyrics cover it

  • Warrior Within express power & heart in their music resulting in a confident, convincing force in their sound and live performances


  • Scott Macintyre on omnipotent Vox

  • Tass Hadoulis on punishing Guitars

  • Toli Hadoulis on demanding Bass

  • Tom Johnson on barraging Drums

Based on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia & touring Internationally. Warrior Within is making heads bang near you because they love it.

Our motto is: Think for yourself, life is too precious.

Relish the heavy & the power that is Warrior Within

Our Story

Toli & Taso the founding members & key composers of Warrior Within’s music have been inspired by Heavy Metal from an early age.

A 12 year old Taso (guitars) discovered Heavy Metal when he found an Iron Maiden ‘Number of the Beast’ cassette on the side of the highway whilst hitchhiking. Since then, Heavy Metal has consumed the lives of the two brothers.

I discovered Heavy Metal when I was 12, after finding Iron Maiden’s tape Number of the Beast,” says Taso.

I was so excited to play the tape to my best mate and my brother Toli, he also was blown away by it. We both said to each other, what the hell is this music? This is awesome!! We both decided that day we had to learn the guitar / bass & be in a band. We discovered Heavy Metal had powerful music that moved something inside us, it had lyrics that covered the challenges and mysteries in life. We found Heavy Metal culture was made of interesting characters that didn’t care if they didn’t fit into normal society. All this appealed to us so much as we both had frustration and unexpressed anger due to trouble with racism at school for years and also family instability. The Aussie culture wasn’t really understood by our Greek culture”.

Regardless we embraced the Aussie culture around us. We seemed to be between cultures at school and in our family. Listening to Heavy Metal exposed us to a music that expressed frustration, anger, power & had a culture we felt we fitted into. Heavy Metal was a good outlet for us both & still is. Walking down the street as a 12 year old wearing a Megadeth T-shirt said to the world ...Hey! Society is fractured, you don’t accept us for who we are. We are head bangers, we don’t fit in & we don’t give a shit. We listen to Heavy Metal & life is good!”

Jamming with friends from school and composing originals was the natural next step. Their parents divorcing had them moving a lot and made it difficult to keep a band going. Hindering any long term progress & generating frustration for the two. Regardless they kept on honing their craft & writing music. At a certain stage in the journey they decided to create a band name that reflected the music.

We felt the name of the band needed to express why we make music & what our music is about. We write music & especially Heavy Metal to let out the power & frustration inside us that nothing else in life allows. We needed the band name to represent this & something that represented getting through life’s obstructions, mastery & victory of life’s battles. We decided on Warrior Within. The name Warrior Within suited perfectly.”

It was in 2017 when Taso & Toli met the Macintyre brothers Scott & Craig that an equilibrium began to take effect. This time they wouldn’t let anything get in their way.

We began work immediately on our two part 4 song EP's. We started gigging, we like to play our songs live before we record them. Hearing and feeling songs live allows us to make refinements before we go into the studio.”

🎤 Scott Macintyre grew up listening to Metal with his brother Craig in the Brisbane Metal scene. The Metal hungry brothers would go to Metal gigs together, sharing their passion for Metal. One day when WW were working on songs at a jam, they decided it was time for a singer. Craig mentioned his brother Scott was keen to sing, as he could no longer pursue his first love football - soccer. Naturally, Scott decided to pursue his other love in life - Heavy Metal. Scott was unknowingly honing his powerful voice while directing soccer teams from the back line, being a long-term goal keeper. Two knee injuries and surgeries meant he had to step off the pitch permanently and onto the stage. His vocal influences are Tom Araya, Max Cavalera, Phil Anselmo, Mike Patton and Bon Scott to name a few.

At the audition the three were blown by Scotty’s vocal attack. Toli, Taso & Craig looked at each other with sinister amazement and said “Hell yes! You suit WW perfectly. You’re in, Scotty!!”

Due to work commitments Craig needed to leave the band.

🥁Enter Tom Johnson. Whist WW were rehearsing at Jampot Studios in Noosa, WW met Tom Johnson the owner & operator of the studio. They quickly discovered that Tom was a Metal Head, keen Thrasher & a drummer at that. When Craig left the band WW hit up Tom to see if he wanted to join the band.  Taso, Toli & Tom got together to see if they would gel, things just clicked. Tom had a great balance of traditional metal & Thrash/ Death Metal drumming. Tom joined the band in 2021. Tom’s drumming style is heavily influenced by drumming legends such as Bill Ward, Vinnie Appice, Dave Lombardo, Mickey Dee and Iggor Cavelraa to name a few. Tom loves to play blues to death metal. Born and raised in Tampa Bay Florida the home of Death Metal, he has spent the majority of his drumming career playing Thrash and Death Metal. Some bands he played with include Smother, Impulsive Terror, Centrifuge, Chaos Machine and Mule. He is known for his fast double bass drumming and intricate fills.

A highlight gig for Warrior Within was playing at Wacken Battle Brisbane 2020.

It was a great feeling being recognised and selected by the Australian Metal industry to play such a high profile gig. It was such a blast!!”

Warrior Within have released a 4 song EP in In Darkness Act I in 2018 and In Light Act II in 2020, 2 singles in 2021 and had the EP's remixed & remastered in 2021 & 2022.

Warrior Within are currently working on their first full length album it will be released in 2024.

Interview: Background of Warrior Within – Metal Hammer Greece

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Life is too short - Persist!




It's our planet, take care of her.




Is this our last chance as a species?




Dedicated to all indigenous peoples




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